GRB Users

GRB users can join the NOAA-led GRB User Group which encourages collaboration among users, facilitates information flow among NOAA and users, and helps OSPO measure user readiness during the transition from GVAR to GRB. All Direct Readout (DRO) Users can complete the DRO Survey. The GRB User Group has over 160 members. To join, contact Toby Hutchings at


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Joint GRB and HRIT/EMWIN User Meetings

- GOES Status (15 March 2023)
- HRIT/EMWIN Status (15 March 2023)
- NOAA GRB/HRIT USER GROUP (15 March 2023)
- Spectrum Pipeline Relocation Engineering Study (SPRES) and Follow-on (15 March 2023)
- GeoXO Program Update (16 March 2023)