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August 2022 MADISON, WI

Agenda and Presentations

–  GOES DCS User Training Agenda (pdf)
–  0830 CMM GOES DCS Training Intro Dronen (pdf)
–  0840 GOES DCS System Overview and Message Stats Taylor (pdf)
–  0930 GOES DCS HRIT-EMWIN CMM 2022 Avruch (pdf)
–  1000 GNCA CMM Training Clevenstine (pdf)
–  1030 Binary Protocol Lat Long TxID Taylor (pdf)
–  1100 GOES Operations and LRGS Overview Sullivan (pdf)
–  1230 DADDS 2022 Website Training No Automation Ceanfaglione (pdf)
–  1300 Updating Platform Description Tables (PDTS) Reeves (pdf)
–  1330 System Use Agreement Renewal Process Randall (pdf)
–  1405 2022 Open DCS Training Gilmore (pdf)
–  1520 Setting up and Troubleshooting a Microcom GTX Taylor (pdf)

–  GOES DCS user training Day recording (vid)

GOES DCS Training Session Video Presentation Timeline
Time Topic Presenter
03:17-37:45 Goes DCS System Overview Matt Taylor
01:00:41-01:29:45 HRIT/EMWIN Overview Ian Avruch
01:30:20-01:52:00 GOES DCS Data via Geonetcast America Seth Clevenstine
02:02:03-02:30:05 Future Binary Protocol and Lat/Long TX Matt Taylor
02:31:13-03:05:30 Goes Operations and LRGS Overview Matt Sullivan
04:02:51-04:50:00 DADDS Website Training Matt Ceanfaglione
04:50:45-05:06:42 Updating Platform Description tables (PDT) Letecia Reeves
05:07:00-05:12:30 System User Agreement Renewal Process (SUA) Valerie Randall
05:36:20-06:52:45 Open DCS Andrew Gilmore
06:58:12-07:20:30 Setting Up and Troubleshooting a Microcom GTX Matt Taylor

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