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Argos DCS System Use Agreement of the Month
– August 2014

Hokkaido University – Sapporo
Cross Gyre Flow Experiment


Recent studies (one historical observational data analyses research & another numerical simulations research) have suggested that there might be northward transport of warm & saline water from the Subtropical gyre to the Subarctic gyre of the North Pacific at the sea surface & subsurface layers

One of the pathways of the cross gyre flow might be "Isoguchi Jets." Studies suggest that the cross gyre flows would play an important role in determining the overturning circulation in the North Pacific Ocean that connects the surface & the intermediate layers via ventilation in the Sea of Okhotsk. There is however little direct & real time observations to detect these cross gyre flows.

We would like to execute direct observations using Argos sea surface drifter buoys to clarify the existence of the cross gyre pathway.

The observation (Argos drifter buoy deployment) plan is as follows:
1/ Deployment time: Late August 2014.
2/ Deployment region: Boundary region between the Northwestern Subtropical gyre & the Subarctic gyre.
3/ Deployment cruise: R/V Wakataka-maru (Tohoku National Fisheries Research Institute, Fisheries Research Agency, Japan) WK1408 Cruise.
4/ Methods:
    1) Detecting the Isoguchi Jets using the near real time remote sensing (satellite) data (e.g., sea surface temperature, sea surface height anomaly, ocean color, etc.) & the real time observed data (e.g., shipboard acoustic Doppler current profiler, etc.), acquired by R/V Wakataka-maru.
    2) Deployment of Argos sea surface drifting buoys after finding the jet.
    3) Monitoring the trajectories of buoys for more than a year to identify where, when & how many & how long buoys flow northward & enter the Northwestern Subarctic gyre.




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