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2016  Argos DCS System Use Agreements:

Month Description Organization
January Golden Eagle Movements and Mortality United States Fish and Wildlife Service
February Marine Debris Tracking Central Queensland University
March Alaska Wildlife: Polar Bear and Walrus Research U.S. Geological Survey – Alaska Science Center
April PCO2 PIRATA University of Pierre and Marie Curie
May Ecology of Gulf & Caribbean Sea Turtles U.S. Geological Survey – Wetland and Aquatic Research Center
June Arctic Ocean Buoy Program Japan Agency for Marine-Earth Science and Technology (JAMSTEC)
July Micro Return Capsule (MIRCA) National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA)
August Caribou and Climate in Northern Alaska U.S. Geological Survey – Alaska Science Center
September Whale Telemetry Group Oregon State University – Marine Mammal Institute
October Land Ice and Sea Level Change Utrecht University – Institute for Marine and Atmospheric Research
November Kilimanjaro Weather Station University of Massachusetts – Geosciences Department
December Plastic Pollution Tracking Pine Richland Middle School


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